Fear Mongering and Other BS

Talk about preying on peoples’ dreams and fears.

Irrational dreams

  • The New York State Lottery
  • Amway Sales
  • House flipping

Irrational Fears

It’s one thing for our government to use our own naivety about the odds of winning, just to fund their lottery machine. It’s wholly another to use fear mongering to sway public opinion; that really sticks in my craw. Government needs to provide its citizens with more honest advice and opinion than this, based on its collective size and experience rather than preying on fear just to get votes. Yeah, yeah, all governments and nearly all candidates running for office have done this since governments first began, but our current administration has successfully elevated it to an art form and turned it into domestic policy.

On the humorous side, blogs are next. I expect to someday read some kind of chain blog that ends with “The worst thing you can do is break this blog chain, as big scary goons will bring you to a horrible death and no one will ever know you lived” or something like that.

On the political side I see no end in sight.  Once the Republican and Democratic candidates have been chosen, our Administration will – by sheer coincidence and by mentioning unnamed sources but no specifics – upgrade our terror alert the first time that opinion polls indicate impressive Democratic gains.

Be sure to copy this article to at least 5 of your friends or bad luck will befall both you and our country. The terrorists will win if you do not do this, and you will die a horrible death and no one will ever know you lived.


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