So Many Bars, Not Enough Networks

The UB School of Management Alumni Association, also known as SOMAA, put on their annual wine tasting this past Friday night at Salvatore’s.  As well-attended as it was – over 200 alumni – this popular event should have been even better attended.  This was one of those events that answered the question:  “How do you network around here?”  On top of good food and great wine, the age range and career paths of the people in attendance covered the spectrum.  It was a wonderful networking event.  The wine taste needs to be advertised earlier, more often, and in more venues.

In the digital media, Buffalo Rising seems to have the most comprehensive calendar of events, but I didn’t catch this one on their calendar (and I apologize profusely if it was there but didn’t notice).  Having UB’s WBFO as one of their sponsors I would have expected to find it.  Actually, BR’s calendar of events generally has very few UB-organized venues, which surprises me.  The university – with its 28,000 students – is rich with activities that are open to the public.  This is a problem that needs to be solved.  As a community we need to be more closely integrated with UB, and vice versa.

We have plenty of bars at which to socialize.  We also need to better advertise more places to network.


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