To Best Friends

Everyone has a best friend, or should.  Until I met my wife my best friend was JB.  It seemed like he and I could talk about everything and when we were college roommates, we did.  We had a lot of laughs.  Over the years we gradually grew apart.  I still write a long letter to him and his family almost every Christmas, and until a few weeks ago hadn’t gotten a response in a long time.  When he called we talked for a couple hours, picking up right where we left off.

We are both in the busiest times of our lives, raising kids, fixing our homes, building careers, getting involved in the community, trying to do so much while our bodies are giving us less energy in which to do it all.  Something had to be sacrificed.  I’m hoping that as we wind some parts of our lives down, we’ll be able to get back together again on a more regular basis.

JB always had Christian leanings in college and won over to Christianity in a big way once he graduated.  He married a great girl of the same ilk and they have established themselves in their church and community.  My wife has a Masters degree in theology and is now studying to become a Chaplain.  My life has been strongly molded by people like JB and my wife, and I look up to them for wisdom and strength.

JB, even though you’ve not written in many years, the way you have led your life still influences me greatly.  Thanks.


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