Becoming the Hand of God

Are suicide bombers driven by religion, or by faith?  Are they driven more by hatred for us, or more by love for their God?

Are they brainwashed by charismatic leaders, or have they always seen themselves as the Hand of God, doing His good will?  We are, after all, a decadent – no, unacceptably different – society relative to some other societies and I can understand where our perceived culture, behavior or politics might piss others off. 

Are we Satan to many, or are we Satan only to an influential few who persuade others to do their dirty work? 

Are they few in number, or are there thousands of them, just waiting for the opportunity to show their God their courage and willingness to do His will?

I wish I could understand them better, and I wish they could better understand me.


3 Responses to Becoming the Hand of God

  1. PB and J says:

    i think that it is dangerous when anyone, including your faith of preference, says that God told them to kill another person or go to war, etc. you see there have been many people throughout history on both sides claiming such. but it has more often than not been a horrendous situation where rape and murder and pillage was more present than honor and godliness.


  2. Paul says:

    Thank you for the comment. I agree with you, but I note that in this case, other than the murder of someone that they perhaps see as the devil’s spawn, suicide bombers share almost nothing in common with those who, in the past, raped and pillaged. The suicide bomber has nothing – absolutely nothing – to gain by his/her actions other than the belief that his/her cause will be seen as just, and he/she will be judged accordingly.

    By any standard this is an amazing conviction. Except for the murder part, it is equivalent to what the early Christians went through for their God. Yet here, there’s murder involved, murder that they believe will open the gates of Heaven for them.

    We cannot win that fight simply by trying to scare or suppress them. We can only win by getting them to know us as something other than Satan incarnate.


  3. PB and J says:

    i hear ya, i think that the only way we can show that is by loving the way JC did. i mean turning the other cheek. (otherwise the whole world will go blind)


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