Migration to the Virtual Community

There’s an article in this past Sunday’s Buffalo News about how area ex-pats can get access to their favorite team, the Sabres.  It alludes to how the Internet has built community.

The Internet is great, but except in those very rare cases – like the Sabres during a winning season – it is unclear to me how it builds community, at least in the sense of local community.  I claim that it actually helps undermine it by providing yet one more excuse not to socialize, not to be part of the local community.  It helps make community dysfunctional.  It dehumanizes us.

Sooner or later (looks like sooner) our concept of community is going to change dramatically as we withdraw further into our living rooms and physically isolate ourselves from our neighborhoods.  Aren’t we social beings?  Don’t we need to be face-to-face with people?  Sitting behind a monitor and “socializing” with someone from who-knows-where is a poor substitute for walking down the street and taking part in a conversation.  I think the lack of exposure to others is warping our sense of humanism, and of self.

How ironic that I’m writing this into a blog entry.


2 Responses to Migration to the Virtual Community

  1. Pauldub says:

    I can see your point to a certain extent. However, I have reconnected to the community via the internet. It has made me aware of things like the Central Terminal, Buffalo Old Home Wek, Western New York Coalition for Progress, all of which I have now become involved with. I guess the internet is really nothing morer than a tool that can be used in whatever way you wish.

  2. Paul says:

    You make a very good point. However, you, BP and Geek and a few others are rare exceptions to this, I think because in order to report on it you have to immerse yourself in it. I agree that for you, the Internet is truly a tool. For most others, it’s just another TV remote.

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