Presidential Candidates

It’s way too soon for me to be thinking or caring about Presidential politics, but an article in today’s paper caught my eye and got my mind churning.

In today’s paper, George Tenet is quoted as admitting (or claiming) that using the phrase “slam dunk” with respect to the Iraq war was taken out of context.  He should have admitted/claimed that almost 4 years ago.  It seems more like a sales ploy for his book than an attempt to regain his credibility, especially after so many years of changing his tune.  Then again, this tune-changing is what everyone else in the current administration has been doing, so why should he be any different?

Remember Rush Limbaugh bloviate about how George Bush the Presidential candidate would finally bring respect, honor and decency back to the Presidency?  It didn’t happen.  Even after the media gave the Administration a free pass for several years, the Administration was still able to blow all its political capital, and then some, in short order.  The Bush appointees – like Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Michael Chertoff, Andrew Card, Karl Rove, Paul Bremmer, Porter Goss, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Michael Brown, and, oh, that’s enough – helped to bring modern meaning to the term cronyism.  There are plenty more (William Bennett, John Bolton and Harriet Miers come to mind) that will have biographers busy for generations to come.  History will not be kind.

Wow, do we have problems at the very highest levels of this administration.  While anxiously counting the days to January 20, 2009, I’m also being careful what I wish for.  I am not finding clarity in any of the current alternatives, and yesterday’s “presidential debate” didn’t help.


3 Responses to Presidential Candidates

  1. freakpress says:

    One of the biggest problems we face, in the upcoming election, will be how the media’s slant on each candidate will play the leading role. Already, nine months from the first primary, the media has picked the top candidates. Mirroring the comments George W. Bush recieved during his first campaign, which at the time drasticallt stunted the MaCain campaign, we will see the impact of media vision. I think that the real way to fix the problems, in this country, is to educate the voters to look beyond what Fox news and MSNBC tells us to think, and really go out there and pick the best man/woman for the job.

  2. madmouser says:

    I feel the same as you regarding the debate last night. Nothing new, noting exciting, no revelations and we don’t know a bit more than we did before the debate as to who these people really are, or really trying to be.

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I don’t expect many Americans to care about the campaign – even as it approaches November 2008 – beyond the 30-second sound bites. I don’t expect the media to do anything to change this either.

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