A Letter to All Drivers

Dear Drivers,

It’s cycling season.  Please watch out for me, I need your help to stay safe.  Because you’re so big and fast, I don’t stand a chance should you decide to turn in front of me or into me.  As hard as I try to be completely aware of my surroundings, you still surprise me sometimes with your inability to see me in my bright yellow jersey while you attempt a quick turn at high speed.  Are you reaching for your coffee or talking on your cell phone?  Don’t, at least not while you’re moving so fast.

Please, look straight into my eyes to acknowledge that you see me.  I’ll be looking right at you, trying to will you to turn your attention to me if but for a moment.  I’m not leering; I only want to be in your thoughts for just a second, to make sure our paths don’t cross.

There will be plenty of parking spots left at Tops if you get there a few seconds later.  You do not have to tear left in front of me while looking right.  You do not have to hug the shoulder when you go by at high-speed, unless you really mean to brush me with your side mirror.  I promise I will stay as far right as I can, and give you the rest of the driving lane. 

I respect you.  Please respect me.


One Response to A Letter to All Drivers

  1. […] hope that drivers start paying a bit more attention to whom they share the road.  I mentioned this before:  I have no desire to become road kill, so vigilance is a very important part of my […]

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