Leading the Charge

It has been so wonderful around here the past couple of weeks.  The sun came out and it got warm.  And the Sabres have brought real pride to this community.

Now let’s get as excited for education as we do the Sabres and maybe this town will really get excited for longer than the start of the next sports season.

Even if we win the Stanley Cup this June, by August our friends and neighbors will likely be stuck in a nostalgia funk:  “That was a great season, wasn’t it?”  Hell, I’m already forward-thinking about everyone’s backward look come autumn; that’s not very optimistic, but Western New Yorkers have a propensity to reminisce and a history of not looking forward.  How do we change that?

The “I Love New York” and “I Love Western New York” campaigns a few years back had the kind of gushy optimism that made me feel really good about the area – not just for a short playoff season but continuously.  It gave me hope that this area’s future would be bright.  Something on the order of a festive “This is what’s great about Buffalo” blitz is might be a good start to getting that feeling again.  Of course, this kind of marketing will ring hollow unless we follow it up with an improved education system, better infrastructure, more honest politicians and lower taxes.

Like many of my friends, I’m working hard at this by shutting my eyes and wishing, hoping that someone else leads the charge.

I have to get off my ass and do more.  If my blog entries decrease it’s because I’m spending more of my time trying to make a difference.

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