Anyone Got Any Aspirin?

I’ve been looking at 3D photographs and boy do I have a headache.

I’m one of those who are blessed with being able to cross my eyes and view stereo images without the need for special glasses or adjustments of any kind. I can also easily and almost instantly resolve those fancy “magic eye” prints. Today I got caught up in viewing all the new images of the sun being sent from NASA’s STEREO satellite system. NASA’s web site shows them as a single image anaglyph – you know, those slightly out-of-focus looking pictures that don’t give you a 3D effect unless you’re wearing glasses with one red lens and one blue lens. Being too lazy to go find some red and blue cellophane, I Photoshopped the NASA images and split them into individual red/blue (red/cyan, actually) components, crossed my eyes, and voila! The sun jumps out as a 3D sphere, in all its glory. They are pretty cool and I anticipate some amazing photographs and movies to come out of this science.

Canyon Lake Stereo ImageBoy do I have a headache.

Staring at these images on a small screen really strained my eyes because I had to get in close and cross them so hard. A bigger monitor would have helped a lot, as I would have been able to sit back a bit and reduce my “crossing angle”. Yet one more reason I should buy myself a 24” or 27” monitor.

I’ve been crossing my eyes at will my whole life. So far, and much to my mother’s chagrin, they’ve not gotten stuck.


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