What’s So Bad About Text Messaging?

Lately, I’ve been amused by the number of complaints about text messaging – that it’s crude, wastes time and money, drags down the English language, distorts writing skills, ties up the cellular phone system (?),  etc…

So what?

Isn’t texting just another form of communication?  How often do we speak in the same manner in which we write?  Given grammatically correct written American English, how many non-grammatically correct spoken dialects do we have in this country?  Twenty?  Fifty?  Isn’t text messaging just another dialect?

If the texting complaints focused on a reduction of face to face or voice to voice communications, the complainers might have a valid point.  But texting is just another form of communications with someone else, and I for one am all for anything that increases our communications with each other.

To my children:  Text all you want.  May it help keep you in contact with others.


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