I’m a Victim, Too

Alec Baldwin’s attorney is looking into whether or not Kim Basinger should be taken to court to determine how the tape of Baldwin screaming at his 11-year-old daughter became public.

After it was revealed that the Bush Administration was performing unauthorized wiretaps on some American citizens, the Attorney General began an investigation to determine who leaked this information and whether charges should be filed.

Has it become a fad to deflect moral, ethical and legal lapses by placing blame on the person who revealed the lapse? Is this where the cry of “I’m a victim too” comes from?

People need to take more responsibility for their actions. They need to be brave and honorable in owning up to their mistakes.  Cowardice is one’s unwillingness to do so.  Alec Baldwin and Bush Administration screwups need only look in a mirror to discover who the cowards are.


2 Responses to I’m a Victim, Too

  1. madmouser says:

    Well stated. No one is perfect, so when you are wrong, just admit it. Stop trying to blame others for everything negative that happens in your life, unless of course, you are willing to give others credit for everything good that happens to you.

    Think about it! If your life is only what others make it out to be, then you are a useless piece of crap parasite and you should get off the planet and make room for people who in fact are contributers to society.

  2. Paul says:

    Honestly admitting one’s role in an event – whether good or bad – would go a long way to raising the values in our society. When “honor” was a highly-desired trait and “dishonor” was a curse, I think people lived more honestly than today, where successful deception seems to be a thing to strive for. How sad that it’s come to this.

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