The Policeman in the Donut Shop

On Tuesday I stopped in to my favorite donut shop for a late afternoon cup of (mostly decaf) coffee. I’m there so often they just start pouring my usual when I walk in the door. There was a cop who walked in, gun holstered, flak jacket on, carrying a radio and some other equipment. Without saying a word the girl behind the counter made him a box of donuts and poured an entire pot of coffee into a “Box o’ Joe” container and handed it to the guy. He paid her, thanked her and left.

Turns out that Tuesday night is drug raid night; he and a few of his colleagues go out on all-nighters waiting for various drug deals to go down throughout the city and suburbs. They patiently drink coffee and eat donuts, and wait for the right time to move in.

Tuesday night is drug raid night? I wonder if the drug dealers have figured this out yet…


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