Tempest in a Teapot

Yes, blog-whoring can boost your web views by a lot – in my case, by a factor of four. Just adding the word sex to an article last week made it by far the most searched article I’ve written. Searches on Naked women and wife sex were close seconds. I even got a few hits for Syrian sex even though those words don’t appear together in the article.

The article I’m referring to is this one. It was meant to be an experiment to see what kind of search activity it would produce. For the entire week it has become a tempest in my teapot. I knew that words related to sex are the most common Google search terms, but the significantly increased volume of hits was wholly unexpected. I don’t think they were quality hits but the increase in click-throughs indicates that at least some readers traipsed around a bit before exiting my blog.

I realize now that I forgot to use the phrase blow job in the article. My bad.


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