Oddball Comics

Xkcd is Randall Munroe’s extremely odd but wonderful comic strip featuring stick figures, advanced physics, humor, sadness and love all wrapped up in quirk.  Like Get Fuzzy,  you have to read a number of strips before you start to get it.  I’m not sure I get xkcd every time, but I find myself laughing hard often enough to be drawn to it almost daily, even though the strip is only updated 3 times a week or so.

Actually, of the several million – or is it billion? – web sites on the Internet there are about twelve that I check twice a day:  When I get up (usually over coffee) and late in the day when I’m thinking about what really matters and whether or not is should matter. 

My eagerness to follow the local events in Western New York is a function of my current involvement in the local business community (and it’s about to become greater); and if I’m going to spend the rest of my life here I damn well better help to improve it in any way that I can. 

My eagerness to follow national politics is more a matter of finding humor at the extreme left and extreme right – there’s plenty of that to go around – and at the same time bemoaning the preposterousness of politics at that level.  I question why I actually flog myself like this; because the amount of wincing I do far exceeds the laughs I get.

Then I read my favorite science and tech web sites.  I cannot get enough science and technology.  I cannot find the time to learn a fraction of the science that I want to learn.  There is so little time and my pesky job keeps eating up most of my day.

I yearn to go back to school.  The science and tech sites are a poor substitute for the real thing.  I don’t think I will ever realize this dream.


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