I am not one to go to political extremes (anymore); I like to call myself a centrist. The current Administration has me leaning more to the left than I normally would because they can’t seem to get their heads out of their collective asses. An interesting blog that is quite far to the left is the appropriately-named From The Left. It’s pretty extreme, but well-written. I’m still looking for a well-written (and biting) site from the political right. One should not be hard to find. Instapundit is pretty hawkish but not nearly as intense, and the layout doesn’t make for an easy read so I never seem to get through more than a few articles. Too much clicking.

The sniping that takes place from the extreme left and extreme right is interesting and sometimes funny and provocative. I get a kick out of reading how the same set of facts can lead to such different conclusions, usually by the omission of other facts that don’t quite mesh with the writer’s intended direction. And for having its foundation based on the teachings of Christ, many of the far right Christian blogs don’t seem to be very Christian at all. I still can’t get my head around the blogs that are so violently anti-abortion but pro-war, or so violently creation-centric and environmentally unfriendly.

These sites are also worrisome. When either side chooses to set their position at the extreme there is little room for discourse. A difference of opinion begins as a shouting match and quickly escalates to practices that are clearly meant to do nothing more than rile the other side into a contemptuous, unethical, immoral or illegal move that can then be exploited by the aggrieved party.

I think the Iraq war was started like this. (Oh wait, it was WMDs and uranium, wasn’t it?. Or was it support for terrorism? Or was it aggression toward Iraq’s neighbors? Or was it because “Saddam tried to kill my daddy”? I forget.) If Iran’s President Ahmadinejad starts calling President Bush names (or worse, insults Barbara Bush – “Your mother wears Revolutionary Guard boots”) I’m really afraid that our beloved Prez will take offense and maybe drop a few cruise missiles on Iran’s nuclear power plants, the way Israel did to Iraq in 1981.

There is no substitute for debate. Cooler heads need to get back into government.

2 Responses to Extremists

  1. Christopher says:

    Thanks for calling my blog “well written.” Stop by anytime you wish and if your feel inclined, please leave a comment.

    Christopher, publisher, From the Left & Proud Member of the Reality Based Community

  2. […] intelligence?  Wouldn’t we also call that stupidity?  I wrote some time ago that pre-war planning for an Iraq invasion began shortly after President Bush took office, prior to […]

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