The Embezzlement

A few years ago I discovered, much to my chagrin, that my company’s financial administrator was embezzling from the company. It was bad enough that she had systematically stolen over a half-million dollars over seven years; it was worse when, after she was caught and fired, that she immediately accused me of racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

The DA send this would happen. He said she would claim complete innocence, that the company owners were robbing the company blind, that she was just about to turn us into the police and that – upon my finding out she was about to do this – I fired her in retaliation. They said she would fight these charges tooth and nail regardless of the insurmountable evidence we had against her. The harassment accusations were both an embarrassment and a huge expense. (They were also unfounded and eventually dropped.)

On Veterans’ Day 2004, the day before her grand jury hearing, the embezzler pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny. On Valentine’s Day, 2005 she was sentenced to 3-9 years in prison for her crimes.

3 years after the embezzlement was first discovered we are still struggling to swim in the ocean of debt that she created. Even though we were able to prove that over a half-million dollars was stolen, the actual figure is certainly closer to a quarter-million more than that. As of this month, half of that amount has been paid off. I must thank our creditors for being so patient.

For non-violent crimes, embezzlement is second only to fraud. Ever since the casinos were built in Ontario and Niagara Falls, both the number of embezzlements and the size of the embezzlement in Western New York have skyrocketed. Gambling is a common reason why embezzlers embezzle. My embezzler just wanted to live like a queen:

$40,000 in coats, shoes and other clothing

$40,000 in cars and gasoline

$20,000 in airfare and vacation spots

$12,000 in cell phone bills

The list goes on and on (and on and on).

Anyway, my embezzler is up for parole in a few months. Like many victims, my hell will continue long after hers ends.


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