A Lid for my Garbage

A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it (George Carlin, 2000).

Like most suburbanites I have too much stuff in my house.  For all of our married life until very recently, my wife and I decided that saving for our kids’ education and our retirement were more important than new furniture or expensive toys.  As a result a large fraction of our stuff is very old.  We both find that older stuff is actually harder to part with than newer stuff – there’s that much more sentimental value attached to it.  We are also both deftly skilled at repair, so if we can squeeze any life out of something, we do so.  We just hate throwing away anything that might have some life left in it.

As a result you cannot walk into our house and find an uncluttered horizontal surface, or a blank wall, or an empty corner.  Because the closets are all full we have to be creative when putting things “away”.

We have four food pantries.  We have three “junk” drawers.  On our first floor alone I built six new closets, and they are all crammed.  There are 24 dinner plates and 14 soup bowls in our cupboard.  It’s a good thing that one can never have enough frying pans, because we have 9.

We’re a family of four. 


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