This I Believe

NPR has a radio short called “This I Believe”, where mostly famous people do a narrative on their beliefs. It’s habitually sentimental, sometimes quite meaningful. Sometimes the narrator has a point to make, usually (like this blog) it’s just a stream of consciousness.

This is what I believe:

  • I believe that we should stop thinking of ourselves as the center of the universe. We’re just a meaningless spec in the grand scheme of things.
  • I believe that all of us have layers like an onion. The older we are, the more layers we make.
  • I believe that there is a purpose for everything that happens. I believe that I can only scratch the surface of understanding that purpose.
  • I believe that no amount of prayer will ever change the laws of physics. And I believe that some greater power created those very laws.

If we truly believe in God, then we should study the science that He created, not repudiate it. Excluding science in the name of God isn’t salvation, it’s laziness.


One Response to This I Believe

  1. […] I have stated this before:  Exluding science in the name of God isn’t salvation, it’s laziness.  The Museum of Earth […]

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