Heroes and Villians

Jason Dunham dove on a live grenade and sacrificed his life to save his fellow soldiers. I would say he had a lot of courage.

Jason lived just south of here, in the rural town of Scio in Allegany County. I’m not sure if it was country living, a decent upbringing, soldier training or a combination of all three, but when the grenade was dropped at his feet he reacted by covering it with his helmet. The ensuing explosion was absorbed by the helmet and by Jason, and eight days later he died of his wounds. I’m sure that he knew his life was most likely about to end, yet he reacted in a most ultimately selfless way.

We have many soldiers, and civilians, who are capable of and do exhibit this level of courage. We call them heroes. They include Jason, and Martin Luther King, and John McCain along with many others. They are an inspiration to all of us to stand up for what is right and good.

In the Middle East there are young people who convictions so strong that they are willing to die for their cause. Their kindred call them heroes. We call them terrorists.

I condemn them for their attacks because I do not feel that their cause is just – but I would say they have a lot of courage.


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