Dear Babsy

There was this sophomore I met while in my 6th and final year of college. I really liked her and to this day we maintain an email and Christmas card relationship. I went to her wedding; she and her husband came to mine. She defines one of the crossroads of my life, one in which I had to make an important decision and wonder what the other path would have had in store for me.

Our lives are full of crossroads and I often find myself reminiscing down the ones not taken. We can all name a few that are common to everyone: The critical job decision, the broken relationship, the big move. There are about 15 or 20 in my life and these blogs will eventually hit upon most of them, as they define who I am today. My dreams down those paths usually start out the same but end up entwining my present to the point where their nonsensical nature wakes me up. Usually they are not disturbing but sometimes they are. Mostly though, I can’t remember them. I try to fall back asleep and force the dream to come back but it never works.

I miss the people at those crossroads. I hope that in death I may see them again. I love them all.


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