Hold the MSG

I would liked to have met General Tso. He seemed to like a breaded, fried-in-oil spicy chicken dish that every Chinese takeout place is required to have on their menu. And was broccoli native to China in General Tso’s time, or was that added to Americanize the dish? The very famous General Tso died in 1885 after wielding his sword in battle for many years. He is best known for crushing the Taiping Rebellion during the Qing Dynasty. There’s a big article in Wikipedia if you really want to know more about the General. He probably fried several of his enemies in oil and said to his cook “Hey! Make me a dish like this.”

My wife is a really good cook. No, a great cook who takes pride in creating authentic meals. She measures her cookbooks by the yard. It should not be a surprise, then, how generally disappointed I am in most restaurant food, as her preparations are at least as good – often better – and at much lower cost. I can’t think of all the weird foods that we’ve eaten, but there are many. Rattlesnake, alligator (tastes like chicken!), frog, bear and elk come to mind, as do “witches tongue” and baby octopus (types of sushi) and fried earthworms (a salad garnish). We will pretty much try anything at least once, but not monkey brains.

I do not understand why I remain so thin.


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