(Eating Crow Over) The Firing of a Buffalo City Employee

September 1, 2007

What’s so special about Mayor Brown’s firing of city engineer Daniel Kreuz? Nothing really; Kreuz got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and the mayor laid down the law. Good for the mayor. Hopefully other city employees are sweating a little.

What’s so wrong about city government, however, has certainly not got anything to do with his age buried in paragraph nine of today’s Buffalo News article: “Kruez was one year away from qualifying for the highest tier of pension benefits.”

Kruez is 29 years ago employed with the city and he’s 51 years old.

Assuming (perhaps wrongly) that it takes at least a two-year college degree to become an $81,000 city engineer, this means that at most, Kruez has been professionally employed for all of eight years, yet was almost qualified for a full pension.

How could any city contract negotiating team possibly allow this type of employee contract? I don’t want to point the finger at any of our former mayors, but I believe that this had to have been negotiated under one of their watches.

I highly doubt that such a perk, now considered an entitlement by all city employees, will ever be taken away in subsequent contract negotiations. City taxpayers and the State, however, could potentially pay that bill for 45 or 50 years after an employee leaves the city’s employ.

I guess I have nothing critical to say today about the City of Buffalo and their labor contracts.  I stand corrected.  Thank you Becky for your comment.

Nothin’ but Blue

September 1, 2007

Blue SkyIn spite of the Buffalo News’ propensity to showcase depressing news, this past Friday’s headline was Weather wars: Buffalo wins big. While the rest of the country has suffered through scorching heat, torrential rains or both, Buffalo celebrates its fourth month of glorious weather.

The 2nd feature article on the front page was Mayor optimistic about Buffalo. Good weather is contagious, even at the News.

Blue SkyToday I watched the sun rise into a cloudless morning, and so another blue sky day begins in Buffalo.

Blue SkySunday’s weather prediction is, you guessed it, more sunny weather. I have yet to be bored by the sameness.

Blue SkyAnd the Weather Channel dares to tell us that Labor Day Monday is going to be “partly cloudy”. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Weekends like this keep me going.


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